Indian street fast food so many memories, tastes gush back to us when we say or think about it and we all have a special love for it. Sector17 is an idea developed around that feeling. Sector17 name came up from the very famous ‘Sector17 of Chandigarh’.

Sector17 Banner at Sector17 restaurant Calgary location in Canada

It started off in Calgary as a food truck in 2016. It is catching the eye as it is spreading out. Indian fast food is not just available across the region but it serves fresh and quality ingredients so everybody can cherish it. Sector17 is not just a growing restaurant with the purpose of creating business. The founders are keeping their traditions and modernity hand in hand by adopting new technologies to grow and returning back to society by contributing to social causes. Sector17 is the epitome of the idea of how India engulfs anything new and makes it even better.

Different Sector17’s fast food collage – Noodle burger, Delhi chowmein, Mango lassi

The street style Delhi Chowmein, Tandoori Noodles, Masala Fries, and Noodle Burger are a few examples. The idea of Chowmein comes from southeast Asia and here in Delhi it is mixed up with the taste buds hence we have this Delhi Chowmein. Tandoori Noodles, tandoor came from Middle East Asia, and noodles from southeast Asia, an amalgamation of these two is a beautiful mix and match.

Indian food is nothing without the lip-smacking masala taste in it and using that in the famous American fast food Fries is a great thing out of the sector17 menus. Momos, Burger, Spring rolls, Shakes and what not is there in this restaurant making it a place to remember all the amazing Indian street food. Know more about our top-selling fast food items.

This restaurant started off in Calgary and has now spread its roots and is available in Clarence, College Plaza, Ebenezer, and Kitchener. Do visit sector17 in your neighborhood.